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Everybody’s Nobody January 19, 2010

Posted by Elitah in Huh?.

Everybody’s nobody, nobody is somebody

somebody told me that, I can be anybody”

Everybody's Nobody

shit, im not about to analyze who’s nobody versus everybody

or about how somebody’snobodycouldbeeverybody’ssomebody.

You’d probably get lost if i did, if you’re not already.

After your last post, went back and revisited his oddly impressive mixtape and rediscovered how real the song was

and in the end,

the whole idea of belonging to some big norm?

really bothered me.

I’ve decided that I really shouldn’t try to compete with you, keeping up with the latest music or videos or mixtapes and shit.

Just wanted to reiterate the fact that this blog, to me, is simply guna be straight up what I believe and think outside of just trying to post what’s ‘new’

Don’t know why the fuck I’m stating the obvious, but hey, just posting what’s on my mind as it comes.

And so we pass Go.



1. shashwat - January 19, 2010

everybody’s nobody could be somebody’s somebody O_o

2. Elitah - January 21, 2010

did i get the lyrics wrong??

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