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and im sooo sick of looovee songs, so tired of teaarss April 22, 2010

Posted by Elitah in Sad Shit, SMH, Thoughts.

vowed to never feel this feeling again

so caught up and the mistakes already been made

all in, hooked and you cant leave

promises to yourself you couldnt even keep

and you know youve caved in

weak. thats what you are.


love songs suck.

all they really do is remind me of what i dont have

which is abnoxious.

this might be why ive stopped listening to rnb….


so for the first time, in a long time, im not listening to any music. at all.

hear me now: this neeevverrrr happens.


my parents should have kept me away from chick flicks because i swear to god,

they deliver the wrong message.

Happyly Ever Afters?? HAH! biggest bullshit of my life

your heads in a cloud if you think they do.


Sooo done with wishing you were still herrree



1. Shashwat - April 22, 2010

so much for my songs making you “feel 1,000 times better” lol

2. Elitah - April 23, 2010

lol they do cause theyre from youu

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