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Find Your Love April 29, 2010

Posted by Shashwat in Huh?, SMH, Uncategorized.

Sooo, Drake dropped his single “Find Your Love” (Prod by KanYe) from Thank Me Later

*Shrugs* I’m not impressed.

Don’t let HYPE blind you, this “new” single is REGULAR as hell, it’s OK.

It’s a throwaway track that KanYe didn’t put on 808s & Heartbreak, so that tells you how much ‘Ye thinks of it.

BUT it’s gonna win..why? Because of Drizzy’s hype

With the “Hey, hey hey’s” and the repeated  “I better find your love and, I better find your heart,” this is destined to be played on the radio until it gets annoying. (understanding you people’s listening habits is so easy)

and finally, because all of the people that are looking for love will sing his shit. I’m sure it sounds GREAT to people cause they’re deaf to good music.

On To The Next One

I know Drake and Mr. West have some shit up their sleeves though…can’t wait for that!!

Ah, speaking of KanYe, you might see a little something on his blog in a month or two. 😀

Keep your eyes open..



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