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Revelation 1 June 14, 2010

Posted by Elitah in Thoughts.

Love isn’t non-exsitent, neither is it the bullshit life led me to believe it was.

Its one of the strangest ideas:

it can bring extreme amounts of joy, and incredible amount of pain.

Love is fucking twisted.

Too strong to only be labeled as an emotion. Too complex to be called a feeling.

It’s only once you’ve fallen that you hit the ground the hardest

You fall multiple times before you learn to walk, before you learn to fall with the notion that you’ll be caught

by a safety net, by trust.

Once you’ve had a hit of the drug, you can’t ever go back to the way life used to be.

Your innocence is officially lost,

wether love was an incredible experience, or the worst.

I wonder if it’s possible to get it right



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