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Made me smile November 29, 2010

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Never Forget You- Lupe Fiasco (Feat. John Legend) November 20, 2010

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O_x I’ve been listening to this song all day.

Because it’s THE best song out right now..

shoutout to Lupe & John Legend for taking the words right out of my mouth.



Could It Be? November 20, 2010

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Could it all be said
and be simple?

Could a lifetime
of being here and
being there and
for one, despite
everyone else, be seen
and noticed?

Could good ever be
good enough?

Could a friendly
we’ve been friends
for far too long
be understood
as I hope we’ll be

friends forever?

Could someone stay
and never leave?

Could tears shed in
attics, over basements
be sealed in glass
frames, cardboard
boxes, and left
on the curb with
the morning trash?

Could it all be
taken back?

Could it all be said
as I’m glad to know you
as I’m glad to be friends with you
as I won’t give up on you
as I enjoy just being here with you
as I feel  happy when you laugh and smile because it makes me smile the biggest smile as well?

Could it be said
as I love you?

Without it being
We Let Go?

Shashwat October 4, 2010

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why’d you dissapear

L.A.S.E.R.S. August 5, 2010

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This damn computer isn’t letting me post it but

I still watch and love this video.


I’m in a Lupe mood and I realized,

it’s been a year since L.A.S.E.R.S. was suppose to come out. He needs to get his shit together lol. Anyways, love the song but never saw the video until now.

I guess I’ll just continue to anxiously wait on news of a release date.


See No Evil August 5, 2010

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I wake up every morning telling myself its ok to dream

it’s ok to fantasize,

to want something, yet know it might not be there.

i guess hope is the word, blind hope,

blind faith that you’ll be there.

but youre welcome to delve into my heart again.

That guard, that gate that has always seemed too tall to climb is finally lowered exposing you to whats been hiding on the other side, if you wish to enter.

Still i’d advise you to proceed with caution, not everything can turn around so quickly.

And I understand if you choose the latter, if you think that the gate might close.

But I can assure you, my mind is at peace and I can no longer let myself live in worry,

it’s only the worst way one can waste time.

Alexix Jordan-“Happiness” June 21, 2010

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This is myyy girl Alexix Jordan

She’s an AMAZING artist signed to Jay-Z’s ROC NATION and she’s  17 years old

Got to know her while in LA…great person with minimal head talk..that’s hard to find these days.

According to J.Cole we’re gonna get married and take over the world…hhhmmm…haha..”The next Hov & Bey”

TheLight- Ebrahim June 21, 2010

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I wonder if you even check this anymore 😦

but this is dope. i mean raw.

Revelation 1 June 14, 2010

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Love isn’t non-exsitent, neither is it the bullshit life led me to believe it was.

Its one of the strangest ideas:

it can bring extreme amounts of joy, and incredible amount of pain.

Love is fucking twisted.

Too strong to only be labeled as an emotion. Too complex to be called a feeling.

It’s only once you’ve fallen that you hit the ground the hardest

You fall multiple times before you learn to walk, before you learn to fall with the notion that you’ll be caught

by a safety net, by trust.

Once you’ve had a hit of the drug, you can’t ever go back to the way life used to be.

Your innocence is officially lost,

wether love was an incredible experience, or the worst.

I wonder if it’s possible to get it right

Answers May 29, 2010

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answers lie somewhere
dying, bleeding,
waiting for someone
to hold them, to save them

and if they would be held,
they should be held with
so much care, so much tenderness –
the one grace they still deserve

life is so fragile
like the answer to a question –
a dying clock
a bleeding heart

this mind of mine –
words, unspoken

and this heart of mine –
something broken